How to buy cheap but quality web hosting ?

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Cheap and quality web hosting service

Some people sent emails to me asking about “How to purchase a quality but cheap web hosting” because they some time want a reliable web hosting but it usually expensive, so I write this post to describe to you all to answer the question “How to buy a cheap but quality web hosting?”.

The key here, you should have a list of quality web hosting providers. To known that you must give some time to check the reviews and the list on some popular web hosting forum such as, you can find every best hosting providers on this forum, people always talk about the best and the worst on there.

After have a list of five or ten hosting providers you though they are good. Subscribe to their blog, their social accounts so when they have an offer they usually post the news on their blog and social accounts. then you known what to do.

There is an other way is subscribe to a special blog usually post about web hosting deals or web hosting coupons, for example In this black friday 2015, I purchase one dedicated server and some vps for my clients as well as one shared hosting from Hawkhost, I got all the coupon codes and deals news from that website. It help me saving more than 1000 bulks.

If you have an other way to buy cheap and quality web hosting please leave a comment below and let us known, because sharing is caring.


Godaddy Coupons Collection For September, 2015

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You must known, Godaddy just changed their coupon policy so each account only use one time cheap coupon code (coupon $0.99/domain or $2.99/domain). That's mean only new account can buy .COM domain with price $0.99 or $2.99. You can use a different credit card or your wife's credit card to create an other account and buy cheap domain, then push that domain to your old account. That's a trick.

  1. However, If you don't want use that trick you still can buy new .COM domain at Godaddy for only $8.49: (no limit the number of domain – you can buy unlimited .COM domain with this price, no limit new or old account-coupon is working for both old and new account, no limit payment method-you can pay using credit card or Paypal).
  2. $0.99 Godaddy coupon for new account:
  3. $2.95 Godaddy coupons for transfer domain from other registrar to Godaddy: ; ;
  4. Other Godaddy coupons:
    1.  $6.99 for .NET new registration:
    2. $7.99 for .ORG new registration:
    3. $2.99 for .INFO new registration:
    4. $6.99 for .MOBI new registration:
  5. Other coupons working for any service purchased though Godaddy:
    1. 30% OFF of any purchase: ; ;
    2. 33% OFF of any purchase:
    3. 35% OFF of any purchase:


  • Some time, a coupon seem not working after you applied to the store, tried to remove the product then add it with coupon again, then it will works. Coupons Collection

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Godaddy just changed the coupon policy so each account can buy cheap domain for only one time so we have looking for an other registrar to buy cheap domain name. is an other domain registrar with poor domain control panel. However, there are some coupon codes allow you buy domains cheaper than Godaddy regular price.

  • : 20% OFF for any purchase, no requirement, expire 9/30/2015
  • : 15% OFF for any purchase, this coupon can be use for domain transfer, expire 8/24/2015
  • : 15% OFF for any purchase
  • : 15% OFF for any purchase, domain transfer accepted
  • : 35% OFF web hosting

With coupons above you can buy unlimited domains, up to five years and still get discount price.

Below is the price table after applied coupons:

Four working Coupon Codes August 2015

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0 Comments coupon codes coupon codes

 Godaddy just changed their coupon policy so each account may use coupon to buy cheap domain ($0.99 or $2.xx) only one time. From now on we can only buy one domain with cheap price with Godaddy, that's the reason we have looking for other domain registrar offers coupons for domain registration. Below are some coupons of lets you buy domain or web hosting with lower price than price on their home page.

– offering 15% off for any purchase, no minimum require, coupon:

– Get 20% OFF when your spent 20$ and higher:

– Get 25% OFF when you spent 40$ and higher:

– Get 50% OFF for web hosting services:

*LIMITED TIME OFFER. Coupons and offers expire August 2, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. Maximum savings with the discount is $300. All renewals on products and services after the initial discounted period will be charged at the then current standard list price for the selected period. Coupon is not valid with sunrise registrations, landrush registrations, EAP registrations, pre-registrations, premium registrations, renewals, transfers, custom website design, other coupons, or special pricing.

Hawkhost Big Deals For All Hosting Services

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Hawkhost Coupons For All Services, Hightest Discount

Hawkhost Flash Sales 2015

For next 72 hours Hawkhost will offering discounts for all their hosting services includes domain registrations. Whether you need a shared hosting, a VPS or Semi Dedicated server, you will get 40% recurring discount on this sales.

1.  Hawkhost Shared hosting coupons

40% recurring discount when purchase any Shared hosting packages in location when using coupon:

2. Hawkhost Reseller hosting coupon

40% recurring discount when purchase any Reseller hosting packages in any location using coupon:

3. Hawkhost VPS hosting coupon

40% recurring discount when purchase any VPS hosting packages in any location using coupon:

4. Hawkhost Semi-Dedicated hosting coupon

40% recurring discount when purchase any Semi-Dedicated hosting order in Washington DC data center using coupon:

5. Hawkhost Domain registration coupon

50% one time discount on any new registration of a .com .net .org or .info domain using coupon code:

50% one time discount on any new registration of a gTLD using coupon code:

$5 for the first year on any new registration of a .xyz or .work domain using coupon code:


Please note the domain name promotions are limited to the first 200 uses. Each coupon is only valid on the relevant type of hosting service specified (shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, domains) and cannot be applied to any existing accounts (upgrades, renewals). You can order as many new hosting packages as you’d like, there is no limit on how many new hosting orders you can place with these coupons.

If above coupons expired you still can get 30% off recurring by using this coupon:

Godaddy Promo Codes Collection September 2014

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Godaddy always offers domain coupon code for new user to buy their cheap domain for fist year, but from the next year the price will back to regular. Some people usually buy the first year at Godaddy then next year they will transfer domain to other registrar such as Namecheap, Namesilo or

Below are the Godaddy promo codes collection allows you buy .COM domain for only $1.99 usd.

Note: These coupon can be use for new customer only, pay by credit card, you can't pay by Paypal.

$1.99 codes that currently work:
Some more codes for New .Coms at $2.95

If the coupon codes above expired you can always get new Godaddy promo code never expire by go to then type the keyword “cheap domain” then enter, you will see the first result like the picture below:

Buy cheap domain with Godaddy coupon

Godaddy promo code for cheap domain

Looking more Godaddy coupons ?

Digital Ocean $50 Credit Giveaway

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Digital Ocean Giveaway

Digital Ocean Giveaway

Digital Ocean is a new but very popular Cloud hosting at this time (meet the team). They provided SSD Cloud Server and SSD VPS Hosting. The minimum package (droplets) cost only $5/month, you will get 512MB Ram, 20GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth.

All packages included:

  • Solid-State Drives (SSD)
  • Global Image Transfer
  • DNS Management
  • Private Networking
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • US, Europe & Asia Locations

Digital Ocean now has four data center locations includes:

  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • LonDon
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore

And many more features.

Digital Ocean growing very fast and there are 2,224,955 Droplets launched, an amazing numbers.

Test DigitalOcean speed:


View VPS Benchmarks compare: DigitalOcean vs Linode vs Hot Drupal

Today, WHC will giveaway two accounts of Digital Ocean and each account credited $50 usd. That's mean you can use the credit to create a minimum droplet $5/month and use it for ten months FREE.

Digital Ocean Giveaway

Digital Ocean Giveaway

Join the contest via the utility below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please share this contest on your Facebook as public share and tweet this to your followers and don't forget to leave a comment with your E-mail address and tell us your current hosting you're using and your experiences etc… The contest will finish at September 10, 2014